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About Smyths inc. Hairdressing

We, Liz Heaton and Cameron MacGowan joined forces to bring Smyths inc. to you. We lead a talented group of hairdressers who embrace our salon ideology of bringing together creative stylists who we encouraged to explore, educate and expand their knowledge. Our salons are located in the most sought after areas of Noosa and reflect the environment we live in. It’s fun to be honest, we get to create great hair, enjoy our clients with stylists we respect and admire. Our business partnership has seen us evolve, learn and grow together and that is really satisfying too.


Melbourne born I made the move to Noosa in 1992 and believe it to be a successful choice. We, Geoff and I love Noosa, the weather and lifestyle fits in perfectly with us and with an airport only a short drive away, I can have a city fix in Melbourne and see family and friends regularly.

If there is one thing I know for sure, education and keeping it exciting and real are the key elements to becoming really great at whatever someone chooses to do. For me creating shape and enriching it with colour with the knowledge that the style I’ve created will give the wearer the feeling of ‘Fabulous’ is what I strive for everyday. I still love salon life, especially the involvement I have with up and coming young stylists. It’s a real buzz to see them achieve their milestones with enthusiasm and a sense of achievement. Also working side by side with a team of accomplished stylists is really pleasing and rewarding.


Born in Manly, Sydney my first 5 years were spent listening to the sounds of waves in the background. Growing up in the UK I enjoyed everything Europe had to offer, however my return to Australia gave me the opportunity to seek a new lifestyle near water again with my wife Nicola and son Gideon. Having a passion for surfing and being addicted to the coffee scene means Noosa is the perfect place for us.

In the UK I was fortunate to work for some big names in the industry. I gained valuable experience which I now cherish and pass on to our junior stylists. I’ve always thought a haircut should suit the individual and be easy to maintain. Short, sassy cuts are a favourite of mine... Glossy, healthy sexy hair!

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