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Home Hair Care

GOLDWELL Colour & HHC | KMS California | UPPERCUTS for guys | GHD irons & Brushes

The team at Smyths inc. recommend the Home Hair Care [HHC] ranges above with knowledge and first hand experience. All are exclusive to the hairdressing industry ensuring the advice you receive is from a professional.

GOLDWELL Colour and Home Hair Care:

Our relationship with Goldwell spans nearly 3 decades, with continued education and dedication to giving our clients fabulous, ‘talked about’ colour. Goldwell colour ranges are exciting and caring at the same time. In the hands of our team we will lead you into the world of Goldwell colour, from subtle to ‘out there’, fabulous blondes to fiery red heads, gorgeous browns to a rainbow of colour courtesy of the Elumen range.

To keep your wonderful new colour at its best we recommend Goldwell HHC. The Dual Senses range comprises Shampoos and Conditioners, Treatments and Leave-In Sprays, all formulated to give your colour mirror shine and longevity. Style Sign is a wide range of styling and defining products specific to your styling needs. Finally, Kerasilk will amaze you with its conditioning properties. A must try for those with dehydrated hair due to styling (blow waving or irons) or lifestyle (swimming, outdoor) challenges.

KMS California:

KMS is a specific range of cleansing and conditioning products that deal with an array of issues clients may have with their hair and scalp. The Hair play and Hair stay ranges give our clients a broad choice of styling products for us to choose from and the Free Shape range is perfect for unruly hair, giving more manageability and pliability.


What a great range for guys! Men’s hair trends are so cool at the moment and Uppercuts gives guys cleansing and conditioning products and the perfect defining range to choose from, with lemongrass and that old coconut surfboard wax scent that are so pleasing to the senses. Uppercuts also have shaving crèmes and moisturizing products for total HHC.


The GHD ranges of straightening and curling irons have been second to none for the past decade. We use and recommend them in the knowledge they will give our clients the most caring and efficient styling at home.

Investment Schedule

Smyths inc. believes creating a fabulous look for you, incorporating current trends and with interactive consultation via images, comprehensive colour range and technical skills is what we do every day and we trust our Investment Schedule will give you full confidence in us.

Investment Schedule

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